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Chest Pain Specialist

David J. Hersh, MD, FACC -  - Cardiologist

Heart Health of the South Shore

David J. Hersh, MD, FACC

Cardiologist located in Bellmore, NY

Chest pain is a common symptom of heart attacks and other types of heart and cardiovascular diseases. At Heart Health of the South Shore, Dr. David Hersh uses advanced diagnostic techniques to diagnose the cause of chest pain so patients from Bellmore, NY, East Meadow, NY, and the surrounding communities can receive the most appropriate and effective care.

Chest Pain Q&A

What causes chest pain?

The most common cause of heart-related chest pain is coronary artery disease, which occurs when the arteries that supply the heart with oxygen-rich blood become blocked or narrowed, usually as a result of a buildup of sticky plaque deposits composed of excess cholesterol. This type of chest pain is called angina. Other causes include infection, overexertion and other diseases that affect the structure or function of the heart. Chest pain is often a sign of a serious underlying condition or an impending heart attack, and it should never be ignored. Being evaluated by a cardiologist is very important for determining the underlying cause of pain so the most appropriate treatment can be provided.

How is the cause of chest pain determined?

Diagnosing chest pain begins with a physical exam and a review of the patient’s symptoms and medical history. An EKG will be performed to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart. EKGs are painless and noninvasive and can be performed right in the office. During the test, electrodes are placed on the chest and elsewhere. The electrodes are very sensitive. Once attached, they pick up the heart’s electrical activity and send the data to a machine that creates a chart used in the diagnosis of chest pain and other heart-related issues. In addition to an EKG, blood testing or chest x-rays may be ordered, along with echocardiograms (ultrasounds of the heart) or cardiac stress tests. Some patients may have a minimally-invasive procedure called angiography to look inside the coronary arteries. Angiography uses a long, thin, flexible catheter inserted through a tiny incision in an artery in the groin (or sometimes the arm or neck). Guided by a special x-ray, the catheter is slowly advanced to the coronary arteries and heart, and a special dye is used to highlight the arteries and heart to make them easier to view.

What is an angioplasty?

An angioplasty is a procedure that’s performed during angiography to treat blocked portions of the coronary arteries. During the procedure, the catheter is used to deploy and inflate a tiny balloon that compresses the plaques against the artery walls. Then, a tiny mesh device called a stent is deployed to keep the artery open.



Dr. Hersh accepts most major insurance. If you have any questions about your eligibility or coverage, please call our office. We are happy to help you.

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